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Blunders to be avoided while designing a website

Web designing is a hot pick today. People try to reflect a lot of their creativity in web designing. But some of the designs are really soggy. They are full of flaws and need to disappear. With the new start of this year a new approach to web design needs to be taken. Some of the designs become popular in spite of the fact that they inhibit usability and also derail visitors from their conversion paths.

Just because something works or is in style does not mean that it is the right choice. The scenario of web designing is somewhat of this sort. First of all understand that there is a problem that needs to be looked into. Then after, know these 6 web designing trends which need to be dismissed.

The first major problem is the designs being overcomplicated. A designer should keep in mind that a perfect website is one which strikes a proper balance between function and form. Trying to be overtly creative generally leads to compromising with the usability of the site. Keeping things simple is the key to a good web design.

designing a website

The rotating banners which keep cropping up on the home page are a big no. this has become a fashion to include rotating banners on the various websites. Designers feel that it will grab the user’s attention. The justification given for the rotating banners is that now days, companies have a lot of information to be shared. Thus, the work gets faster. But this is not at all effective. A user is more interested in the information it is trying to find and tends to overlook the advertisements. Even if they notice these banners, the reading speed of the user generally does not match the rotation of the banners and results in the users getting bored. It is best to omit these banners.

While designing a website it is very important to be honest and genuine. Adding photos of royalty free stock is really cheap. These are easily available and look very artificial. Putting up pictures of pretty operators who will be receiving client’s calls is a dirty gimmick. This leaves a negative impression on the user. Visual effects last longer in the human brain. So do not try to lure users towards your products in the wrong way. Rather be specific about your services. It will impress more.

The interstitial messaging and pop-overs are other irritating elements in a website. It often happens that a pop-up is displayed within seconds after the site has been loaded. It asks for either liking the post or getting the user’s email id. This is very annoying. The user has not even read one fourth of the content and is interrupted by such messages. Try avoiding these pop-ups or at least time them in a proper manner.

Another mistake in designing is the improper arrangement of actions to be done in a site. The actions to be performed like scanning, viewing, knowing, selling, adding to the cart, etc. should be done in a sequential order according to the user’s convenience.

The last one is the never ending forms. While making online forms, be specific and ask for the information required. Being too noisy and long forms scare off customers.

With these tips, hopefully the web designing trends will improve.

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