How To Choose The Best Computer HD Wallpapers

The computer desktop wallpaper is one of the very first thing one sees upon turning on their system. For some people, desktop wallpaper is not a big deal; they can stay without changing the wallpaper for years. But for others, it can mean making or breaking the entire day; refreshing scenery or comic wallpaper can put a smile on one’s face for the entire day. Likewise, same old, stale wallpaper will do no good and might even make the entire mood sour.

Computer wallpapers have a long history and have been in use for years. However, the earlier versions were plain and simplistic. They had low screen resolution and there weren’t many choices available. But today, a huge variety of computer hd wallpapers is available on the internet.

Consider the following tips to help you choose the best wallpapers for your computer desktop;

Resolution and screen shape

The very first thing that should be considered when choosing wallpapers for your computer is its resolution. Screen resolution is the number of pixels in the image itself. To find out about screen resolution, go to desktop properties and display settings. In addition to resolution, screen shape also needs to be considered. Although, all image sizes and resolutions can be used as wallpapers, but for the best results, it is important that you use an image with a suitable resolution and shape.

Image galleries

There are hundreds of thousands of images available on the web. Several sites offer HD wallpapers for computers as well as mobile phone devices. But, there are some sites which do not let you download for free. Avoid such sites, as the same image with the same resolution will definitely be available for free on some other webpage. Never pay for wallpapers.

Usually images downloaded from internet come in various screen sizes but if you want to put up a picture from your own personal image gallery, you might have to compromise on perfection because not every image you have will be according to the screen resolution of your computer system. However, you can use photo editors to adjust the image resolution. Several high-quality photo editing tools are available online, for free.

Classified wallpapers

Some laptop manufacturers have their own wallpapers and similarly, every Windows system has its own wallpaper gallery too. Examples include: Windows 7 wallpapers, Windows XP wallpapers, Toshiba wallpapers and so on. These are classified wallpapers designed specifically according to the screen resolutions, shape and display features of the computer system. However, you can use wallpapers of one system in other systems too, without any difficulty.

File type

Online wallpapers are available in various file types including bitmap, JPEG and PNG. The best file type for wallpapers is the JPEG file. This file type does not occupy too much disk space on your computer and is of good quality.

These are some of the tips you can consider before picking up your next wallpaper.

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