Windows 8

Windows 8 is not effective after all

With the growing demand in the field of technology each and everyone’s eye is now caught on the Windows 8 launched by Microsoft a few times ago. People are raising issues with this new software and lots of talks are there regarding this.

Windows 8

According to Bitdefender, the Windows Defender’s new version is not that resistive and will allow 16% of the malware families to get into the Windows 8 and infect it.

Allowing the back doors to be remained open; this will create several detrimental effects such as keystroke interception, controlling the machines remotely, etc.

The tests conducted were very limited so as to remain fair and Bitdefender is trying to prove that the new version of Windows 8 has certain flaws. AV-Tests had also done some tests regarding the defend system of Windows 7 and made their own reservations.

Issuing of the full report will be there after the tests are being completed. But it seems that the new version of Windows Defender cannot protect the software solely and one has to take help from third parties.

There are not the only difficulties that are being faced while installing Windows 8 on a personal computer but the Smartphones that uses this version has certain flaws too. Certain malware application has been developed which can steal the applications from the phone.

To steal a data from any computer, one first needs to get a hold of that device. The officials of the European Commission during their recent running of the Internet Governance Forum caught hold of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital.

The claim was that the computers were being hacked but the Apples gave a twist saying that the computers were being accessed by third parties.

The USPTO is another area where one can find a lot of issues. They grant patents to almost anybody who has new innovations and come up with new ideas. Various issues are there regarding this.

A patent is only granted to protect someone’s intellectual property, so that no one claims a person’s idea as one’s own. The case in the USPTO is not the same. It does not recognize patents of other countries and is a total ass it its own.

In the late 90s, with the start of a new millennium, the Microsoft has launched Vista. Again the WinMin project was started to clear the NT platform. The main targets were the Small kernel devices the OS versions and the other mobile devices.

This led to trimming the Windows 7 and the results led to the development of the Windows 8. Different other project was not taken into care as the main concern was on the Smartphones and the tablets.

Still the results are not unified till now and the applications are still tablet, Smartphones or personal computer focused. This is what the Windows 8 has become and it is a perfect homage to the tablets adding with a few table scraps to be used by the users of the personal computers.

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