The Most Popular Accounts on Twitter

Over the last few years, Twitter has taken the world by storm. From celebrities tweeting personal updates to globally trending hashtags, the general public has devoured everything Twitter has to offer. As the site has become one of the Internet’s most successful businesses, those aforementioned lovable celebrities have become more and more accessible, interacting with their fans on an easy to manage platform.

Some celebrities use Twitter like a normal person — sharing random thoughts or snippets of their life — while others use it to engage with fans via responses or contests. Below, we take a look at the seven most popular Twitter accounts.

Katy Perry

The current queen of Twitter is Katy Perry, who has the most followed account on the site, boasting more than 48 million followers. Perry only recently became the most popular Twitter user, passing pop sensation Justin Bieber. Perry has tweeted more than 5,000 times.

Justin Bieber

Until Perry surpassed him, Bieber was the champion of Twitter. Still, second place and over 47 million followers are not too shabby. It’s no surprise that Bieber is so high on this list, as he appeals to a global crowd of young people who are very active on social media. Bieber himself is a dedicated Twitter user, having tweeted over 25,000 times.

Lady Gaga

Perhaps not surprisingly, the third account on this list belongs to another musician. Lady Gaga never stops entertaining, from her music, to her shows, to her fashion. The singer’s Twitter account is no exception, as her 40 million plus followers have received more than 4,000 tweets, running the gamut from inspirational messages to entertaining snippets.

Barack Obama

Breaking the string of entertainers atop the Twitter throne is President Barack Obama himself. It’s rather surprising that a politician can have the fourth most commonly followed Twitter account, but that speaks to the likability and accessibility of the commander-in-chief. Obama’s Twitter account is a mix of personal glimpses into the presidency and tweets of support for his beliefs and movements. He has over 40 million viewers and more than 10,000 tweets.

Taylor Swift

Swift rounds out the top five most followed Twitter accounts by being a lovable and sweet pop star. Everyone from pre-teens to moms adore Swift, and they flock to her Twitter page for news from the singing sensation. She’s amassed over 37 million followers despite having tweeted just over 2,000 times, a low total relative to the other accounts on this list.


YouTube has the highest-ranking company Twitter account, coming in as the sixth most popular account overall (though Instagram is close behind, in eighth). Even though YouTube is not a person like most Twitter accounts are, it is still wildly popular because of the news it provides, and because its video services are used by nearly everyone. YouTube has more than 37 million followers, and more than 9,000 tweets to date.

Britney Spears

Britney’s artistic success may have died out, but her popularity remains strong. Despite being over a decade removed from the height of her fame, Spears still has the world’s seventh most popular Twitter account, with over 34 million followers reading her tweets.


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