Getting the Best Out of an Applicant Tracking System

Getting the Best Out of an Applicant Tracking System

One of the major issues when it comes to an ATS is that many employers treat the process as an exercise in filtering applicants for a position.

The filtering process can be problematic as most employers assume that once there’s too many applicants, there is a need to filter them faster. They seek the perfect candidate for the role, naturally and tend to dismiss those applicants who don’t fit into the specified filter.

Most systems force candidates into the data boxes an ATS needs to optimise candidate screening. This also applies to headhunting passive candidates; it’s important for employers to cast a wide net in their filtering process and consider including keywords that will accommodate the profession’s each aspect. The approach recruiters and employers tend to take is that of focussing on elimination as opposed to finding the right candidates.

The offers this feature in conjunction with job portals, Job Placements and Executives Placements; although it’s primarily a job aggregator – it offers an applicant tracking system. On a daily basis, the sales team deals with recruiters and assists them in ensuring they get the best out the ATS feature. With a wide database of CVs, it is unlikely that recruiter come away having not found the right candidate. aims to help recruiters reach their targets and find the right kind of talent who is a cultural fit into the organisation thus it is important to broaden searches by customising them and making them personal. It also important for recruiters to build relationships with service providers such as Zigo in order to ensure that they get the best of the ATS. Recruiters should re-strategize how they look for candidates and focus more on qualifying candidates as opposed to eliminating them.


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