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Artistic Touches to Modern Playing Cards

People who frequently play card games know that playing cards can also inspire art. There are many beautiful variations of playing cards available today. Many of these are inspired from the surrounding culture. Some of these cards reflect the art and beauty of a bygone era. Some of these playing cards speak of mythological stories and fictional characters. The playing cards are artistically crafted so that the players can also enjoy the aesthetics of the card decks. Here are some of the modern playing cards that bring art and culture of different regions to life:

Bharata Playing Cards

The Bharata Playing cards have been designed by Sunish Chabba in collaboration with illustrator Ishan Trivedi. This unique deck of playing cards takes its inspiration from miniature paintings and Kishangarh Paintings. Bharata is the true name of India and the deck tries to represent the different myths and stories from India of kings and queens. This unique deck with gold gilded edges and real royal appeal are produced by Guru Playing Card Company.

Olympus Playing Cards

If you wish to relive the Greek Mythology while playing your favourite rummy games, opt for the Olympus Card Deck. These beautifully crafted playing cards remind you the Gods of the Greek Mythology like Ares and Zeus. This unique set of cards is bound to be a collector’s item and in limited edition. The backs of these cards come with very intricate designs that speak of artistic excellence.

Cocktail Art Playing Cards

Are you tired of depth and sophistication in playing cards? Are you looking for something simpler and funkier? Then the playing cards designed by Cocktail Art are your best pick. These unique cards are full of appealing and live colours. The images in these cards resemble cartoon representation of constables and musicians. The look decorative and make the card game session lively with their intricate designs.

Wild West Playing Cards

The Bicycle’s Wild West Playing Cards are depictive of heroes of the wild west. They have a Lawmen Card Deck and an Outlaw Card Deck. The back side of each of these cards is ornate and artistically designed. The inside of the face cards shows lawmen and outlaws of the bygone era. These cards are unique and remind you of the days of the past. It is a deck worth owning, especially if you have a taste for unique things.

Raja Ravi Verma’s Playing Cards Deck

Raja Ravi Verma was a King from Trivandrum who was popular for his artistic inclinations. His creations have always drawn the attention of art lovers. Raja Ravi Verma created many unique playing card decks. Two these decks were decks were published by the press after his death.

The decks included known kings from the Mughal era like Aurangzeb and Shah Jehan. The queens like NoorJehan Begum and Zenat Mahal Begum were included. The other deck was based on Hindu Mythology and it included characters like Dushyant, Harishchandra and Nala among the kings and Damayanti, Shakuntala and Shri Sita Devi among the queens.

A good deck of cards can make the rummy game even more interesting. If you are the owner of a rummy club or a rummy community, you deserve to own some of these limited-edition playing card decks. The members in your club or community are sure to love it.


5 Factors that Mean You Should Move from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting

To be? Or not to be? That is the question. Such is also the dilemma that one can face to decide whether it is time to migrate to VPS Hosting from your Shared Hosting environment. But as Shakespeare would say “Be just, and Fear not“, for in this post, we will discuss 5 important tell-tale signs that suggest you should move from Shared Hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting.

Getting the Best Out of an Applicant Tracking System

Getting the Best Out of an Applicant Tracking System

One of the major issues when it comes to an ATS is that many employers treat the process as an exercise in filtering applicants for a position.

Zigo launches a new HR Leave Management System

Zigo launches a new HR Leave Management System

Over the past 5 years, Zigo has led innovation in South Africa’s HR environment by simplifying the hiring process, job application process for candidates and most recently, efficiently managing and tracking leave. Zigo recently launched a new cloud based Leave Management System dedicated to increasing staff productivity and personnel management.

What is KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Services?


  • Bulk SMS is a way of messaging to the large number of mobile users in micro second. It is a service through which you can market your product and services.

Make College Time Easy

College is a desired yet complicated time for any student. No matter how much you wanted to start your first semester and craved for the change of city and occupation, there will be a moment when you regret having too much activity and new stuff. Specialists have provided some tips to make the adaptation period at college easier.

What are the Benefits of Being With a Reputed Web Hosting Company?

When it comes to selecting the best web hosting company for you, one of the key features you should focus on is the company’s reputation. Normally, hosting companies formulate a list of features and even go on adding the most obvious things.

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