Zigo launches a new HR Leave Management System

Zigo launches a new HR Leave Management System

Over the past 5 years, Zigo has led innovation in South Africa’s HR environment by simplifying the hiring process, job application process for candidates and most recently, efficiently managing and tracking leave. Zigo recently launched a new cloud based Leave Management System dedicated to increasing staff productivity and personnel management.

SMEs find themselves bogged down with HR regulatory requirements which can be overwhelming for both the employer and employee. In an effort to ensure a better understanding of these regulations; Zigolaunched this software to allow employees to track their leave and apply for leave. If the employee is eligible for leave; it will accepted and a balance of remaining leave days will be provided. If the employee is not eligible for leave; a reason will be provided alongside the leave they have available. Each category of leave is designed for different circumstances with different number of days-off allowed. Once a company commences using the system; they define their HR policy, specify the types of leave available to each employee and can easily track how often their employees take leave.

This automated system will assist employers to understand their leave trends, make the necessary changes and encourage staff to further understand this aspect of their contractual obligations. The system is currently under development and is offering this service for free to companies; once the system is paid for – it will be affordable, easy to manage and frequently updated to suit client needs.

Apart from that, in partnership with www.executiveplacements.com and www.jobplacements.com; the company runs a job aggregator designed to aggregate job advertisements from a range of job websites and companies in South Africa and the jobs varies from call centre, engineering, construction jobs in South Africa and many other top employing sectors within the country. Candidates are able to easily browse job from over 20 websites in a single platform; making the application process easier the candidate.

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