Dress Your Computer Desktop with Your Favorite Celebs

There are many people out there who spend most of their time sitting in front of their computers and getting encountered with that same wallpaper every day. Probably, thinking about a change in this sector is not a “must to do” thing but a variation might help you to increase your productivity and also uplifting your mood. The wallpapers could vary from being close to nature, related to some festival or could be of your favorite celebrities, available in different resolutions and sizes, depending on the type of the monitor, either HD or 3D. The human mind has a tendency to get stagnant over a period of time and requires anything which can spice-up it’s mood; be it just changing the wallpaper and bringing it back on track.

Nowadays, many people use celebrity 1080p wallpapers as an option for their desktop. When you opt for your favorite celebrity and try to make it a part of your daily activities, it shows your support to him/her in his/her field of work. The other reason for opting celebrity wallpapers could be that you might want to follow their footsteps and share same beliefs and ideals. For example, many young girls are following actresses like April Bowlby, an American actress, best known for her role as Stacy in the movie Drop Dead Diva. So, using April Bowlby wallpapers not only make them her followers but also show their support to her work and profession. This is just one name, but the list is endless when it comes to choose celebrity wallpapers.

Sometimes, a change is needed as it has been a long time from your side to actually notice towards your patent wallpaper. Choosing one of your favorite celebs will be a good experiment and a must change from your regular wallpapers. Also, one should realize that bringing change in this arena will not be costing them even a single penny, as most of them are available online for free. The tactic is to attract more and more customers as charging money results in a hefty licensing fee.

Another reason to support the idea of celebrity wallpapers is to give your dear desktop a new look. Changing from regular personalized wallpapers to tracking down to your favorite celebrity wallpapers will give you a feeling as if you have a companion to support and listen to you without complaining.

Many online surveys have shown that the most “picked” celebs are Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Cate Blanchett, and Sandra Bullock etc. These are just a few examples from many out there; it’s just that one needs to think about options and bringing a change for their desktop.

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About the author, Oussama Afellad

I'm an 18 years old web and graphic designer. I was born in a nice city in the north of Morocco, called Tangier; The gate between Africa and Europe! My journey to get here has involved a lot of personal projects, designing and optimising clients' websites etc... As for now, I work as a freelancer, I spend my time developing a number of my clients' websites and creating templates and graphics to sell them on the envato marketplaces.

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