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At present, almost 9 out of 10 people are using social media sites and uploading social videos in their profiles to solve business purposes. Commutation through these social media sites and using worthy videos there, have been taken for granted. As this practice is increasing rapidly, using technically advanced applications for this purpose is becoming equally important. However, not all of the applications are good to use and you have to select carefully so that you can benefit. Here we will discuss about the most useful ones that solve the purpose of social video easily.

Bizo Switchboard:
Bizo switchboard is used both as a social video sharing application and also as a link shortener. The app helps you to get the most from your twitter videos so that you can promote your service perfectly. As soon as you share a video, the application shortens it and creates an individual bar with the video that pops up every time a user clicks on the twitter video link. The bar comes with the video clips, your account info and other information. Using this particular social video sharing application is fun because users can change the color of the videos when you share the videos through this platform.

Tweet and Pay:
Tweet and pay is the most useful application that works to boost up your performance in twitter by promoting your video contents in a different way. As soon as another user gain access to the videos they can use the ‘how to’ guide that you include in the video in exchange of the cost of one tweet. This application is thus called tweet and pay.

When you opt for this particular social video sharing application, you actually start collecting information about traveler and local users who use the same existing network. Both you and other users in the same circle can recommend some must meet places for the trip. The application is used to make trip plans through videos.

This advanced application is used to market social video through different social media sites. The application helps you to get a list about the users who are interested to see your videos and to share the clippings with other users. The app can also analyze the real time posts so that you can build an effective twitter community sharing the useful videos.

This particular application is being used to share high quality social video with many people. When you use the app to share video, quality and look of the videos change automatically. Using the application you can take snaps and record videos to start sharing instantly.

If you want to know about the recent video updates in your social media profiles, you will like the features of this application. Building a media campaign through video sharing becomes easier with the help of the application. It collects all information so that you can decide which video clippings the users have liked the most.

You can visit to know about more such applications in detail.

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